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The MPS Newsletter – April 2021


Recapturing the spirit of the Renaissance
Vol. II, No. 4 – April, 2021

In this edition of the MPS newsletter

Featured article from the MPS blog: The Power of Words
MPS April Meeting Schedule (on Zoom)

A new Legends of the Craft podcast –  Spirituality and Freemasonry
Special deals on books from the Masonic Exchange
A selection from Spreading the Light of Freemasonry 
Video collection: Three Ancient Roman Mystery Cults

The Power of Words
In the beginning was the Word. 
And the Word was with God. 
And the Word was God.

– The Gospel of St. John, 1:1

Let’s try an experiment. Close your eyes and imagine a different reality – a world where the words you speak immediately come into fruition. A reality where if you, for example, told a friend “to get wrecked” in jest at a party, he would be injured in a car crash leaving the event. How carefully would you guard your mouth? How much planning and forethought would you put in before public speaking, writing, or in just causal conversation?
Read the full article on the MPS blog

 MPS April Meeting Schedule North America Pacific MPS Study Center
7 PM PST, Monday, 5 April
Topic:  Is the brain or the belly the center of human life?

Société Philosophique Maçonnique 
 15 heures GMT, 
Jeudi 8 Avril
Sujet: Qu’est-ce que la Franc-Maçonnerie?

Sociedad Filosófica Masónica – Europa
18:30 en España, Domingo, 11 de Abril
12:30 p.m hora del Este de EEUU
Tema: ¿Qué son ritos, rituales y símbolos? 

North America Mountain MPS Study Center
6:30 PM MST,
Monday, 12 April

Topic: What can we learn from the musical Hamilton?

North America North Central MPS Study Center
7 PM CST, Monday, 19 April
Topic: Should Esoteric Studies Be Exclusive?

Centro de Estudos em Português
7:00 PM BST, terça, 20 de abril
Tópico: Os ditados populares transmitem verdades significativas?

North America South Central MPS Study Center
6:30 PM CST, Tuesday, 20 April
Topic: Are the Healing Oils of the Bible Significant?

International MPS Study Center
Noon, CST, Wednesday, 21 April
Topic: Is Morality Self-evident or Taught?

Sociedad Filosófica Masónica – Sudamérica
Domingo, 25 de Abril
5 p.m. en Costa Rica, UTC – 6,
7 p.m., en Chile y hora del Este de EEUU, UTC – 4
8 p.m. en Argentina, UTC – 3
Tema: ¿Soy Masa, o soy Individuo?

North America Eastern MPS Study Center
7 PM EST, Monday, 26 April
Topic: Who Were the Atlanteans?

Asian MPS Study Center
8 PM HKT, Thursday, 29 April
Topic: What Does it Take to Make a Better Human?
 Legends of the Craft: Masonic Podcasts Legends of the Craft explores science, religion, history and philosophy, in search of hidden wisdom. From historical tales of heroism and courage, to great works of literature to decoding metaphysical symbolism, Brothers Matias Cumsille and Aksel Suvari leave nothing un-examined in their quest for Masonic inspiration.  Join the brothers as they chart the course of Masonic endeavors to accomplish the great work!

All episodes are available on The Universal Co-Masonry website, YouTube, or Apple Podcasts.  Please be sure to give it a thumbs-up and leave a comment.  Send your suggestions for podcast topics to Brother Matias Cumsille at
Episode 15: Spirituality and Freemasonry
Is the core of Freemasonry a self-improvement system or does it cultivate spiritual servants devoted to the glory of God and the perfection of Humanity? Featured through May 1

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Featured through May 1
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Spreading the Light of Freemasonry: 
Masonic Videos

Universal Co-Masonry has created a series of videos to explain the teachings of Freemasonry, as well as other mystery traditions, and to illuminate the future that Universal Co-Masonry hopes to create. Feel free to share these videos with fellow aspirants and use them to enrich your studies. 
The world of ancient Rome was a place of magic and mystery for the initiates of its many religious cults. Here are three of the ancient Roman pantheon of initiatory traditions.
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