The Elohim – Part II, A Crooked Path

In the first section of this article, I introduced the term “Elohim” and examined a variety of potential explanations for the esoteric and etymological meaning of the word. There possible connections to the Anunnaki and Shining Ones were explored.

Elohim Creator God

One line of thought is the way religious history unfolded. In earlier days, religious deities appeared to perform a much more prominent role in their interactions with man. As history progresses, however, God’s role becomes less discernible and His “hand” is harder to see, possibly indicating that His influence becomes more indirect in nature.

Along the same lines, I thought of how our own education proceeds. In our early days as, say, a Kindergartner, the teacher’s role is very direct and hands-on. The teacher is close by and visible at all times. As we progress through schooling, the teacher’s role becomes less obvious until we get into college where our success or failure is almost exclusively dependent upon our own devices. We enter the workforce with our education in our quiver and make our ways through those mazes, adding to our knowledge completely through our own efforts. Finally, in our twilight years, we can take on the role of a teacher ourselves, imparting that which we have learned through the year.

Path Of Evolution: Dominance To Peace

A second thought that occurred to me is related to man’s perception of God over the centuries. Early on in his history, man was more aggressive and heavily dependent upon “brawn” for dominance. Similarly, his view if the gods was warlike as well. Think about the many stories of the gods from the Greek Pantheon, how they seemed to constantly be pit against one another, as well as man.Ares, the Greek God of War

As man matured, his belligerent tendencies began to soften. Though far from perfect, man is on an improved path and his view of God evolved similarly. Today, God is seen as the embodiment of peace and good will. An interesting contrast presents itself today among people of differing warlike stances. Terrorists tend to view their God as very direct and confrontational, similar to themselves; whereas, those in the Western world tend to view God from a Christian point-of-view as a primary peacemaker. 

Using the same logic, it is my belief that those we named “Fallen Angels” may not be what we think them to be. Rather, is it possible that those “devils” may have a specific role to play in man’s existence and evolution – one that forms in opposition to the “good” angels that is very deliberate. Could their purpose have been to propel humanity’s evolution by forcing man to recognize and be challenged by his opposite?

Evolving Leadership: Authoritarian To Authentic

The general type of leadership – most often practiced by the “mainstream” – evolved along comparable lines. In early days, leadership was much more direct and unambiguous; the leader was very evident and authoritarian in nature. He maintained his power through force, if necessary, and it was often the strongest that assumed Kingship and other position of authority.worditout-word-cloud-1700614

Today, more indirect and subtle forms of leadership are championed. Some Examples, including Servant Leadership and Authentic Leadership, require the practitioner to embody traits like humility and to learn to read emotions. Overall, I found this research subject to be very satisfying, rewarding, and somewhat surprising. I learned that no line of research should be discounted, however unlikely the topic, and that an unusual topic can lead you down crooked paths to reach unexpected conclusions. 



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  1. God evolve as Humans.
    According to the accounts in the Bible and if you take time to examine more deeply you will notice that God evolved becoming more civilized and more democratic.
    He first ordered Men to revenge, giving the same punishment to the offender. Later he repented and said forgive 7 times x 7. Though Jesus Christ is the one who gave this law, Christians, most of them says Jesus Christ and Jehovah are the same personality.
    This is a prove of evolution.

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    • Hi, Paul –

      Yours is a perspective I had not thought of before. Do you find any other evidence in religious writings that indicate an evolution of God?


      • Religion is a vast field, But as far as I am concerned I have more knowledge of the Bible account concerning the Jewish God.
        In the Book of Genesis you will come across the story of creation and will rapidly notice that that God himself tempted the Man Adam he just created. The temptation start the same day.
        Why put this Tree in the Garden at the reach of Adam and Eve at all? The Bible said the Tree was attractive. Now that they have eaten he took very drastic measures coursed them, send them away, degreed suffering for them through out their lives and that of their descendants.
        Later he became more compassionate and send his only Son Iesus to come and die to save the descendants of Adam. ( It is said that he is God) When Jesus came he was more understanding, more compassionate. He changed the way, the harshness, the Iron hand his Father had been dealing with Human by established democracy.
        To me this is evolution on the part of God.


  2. There is a concept of Liberty that is suppose to represent the end goal and attainment of mankind. Though we don’t know exactly what the nature of that Liberty is, several writer have touched very closely on the subject of that Liberty that some would call Truth.


  3. Hi, Micah –

    When I think of Liberty, I also think of Freedom. Equating Liberty (Freedom) to the Truth is an interesting angle. How would you describe Liberty that would also make it the Truth?


  4. Hi, I was researching a Genesis hypothesis of my own when I got here, while stumped on the Sons of Elohim.

    I’m going a little bit nutty on my Facebook wall, as I often do, where I post scripture and media, whether it be a screenshot, video or article.

    My hypothesis is that the Serpent in the garden was a Dracos.

    It validates Icke, and I’ve connected it to the black cube and Saturn worship.

    I believe in Jesus as the Son of God, and he refers to certain people as “vipers” a lot.

    There are Concordance definitions/root words pointing to the Quran (H7160), which is the word that puts horns on Moses, and Moses controls the Serpent.

    They would have survived the flood, and Esau might have married into their bloodlines, which would be Cain’s bloodline, by way of Superfecundation (the Dracos got to Eve, and then Adam (the first ‘white’ man) did soon after, on the same day.

    Satan gives power to the Beast in Revelation. Saturn/Islam? There are cubes in Islam and Judaism, and they both reject Jesus aa the Messiah/his message. He even calls the cubers “the children of the devil”, and said “They are contrary to all men.”

    So the Elohim create the Adamic line, and are like “don’t ‘eat that ‘fruit'”, and already believing in 2-seed doctrine, I’m thinking Adam and Eve are being warned not to engage with the Dracos, who are in the geographic middle of the Earth – which they have now returned to.

    The Apollolian Transmission talks a lot about “racial cuckery”, implying that the Dracos (my implication) marry into the Adamic bloodlines, strategically (Ivanka Trump marriage).

    I have found sources that suggest they got into the Judah bloodline somewhere between the Kings of Ireland and the Kings of Scotland, and are probably sitting on the throne in Britain now. Maybe Diana found out.

    I hope I’m wrong because it’s a little bit scary to write this batsh*t crazy stuff.

    But I’m stumped on the Sons of Elohim, and how it might work in my hypothesis.



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